Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Pet Peeve - Trade Paperbacks

I gotta share my latest read with you. I am lurving "The Meaning of Night" by Michael Cox - which apparently was (gulp) 30 years in the writing.

I do have one small gripe though, not about the book itself so much as all books that are printed in trade paper back size. They are just such large unwieldy monstrosities that there is no comfortable way to hold them for any prolonged period of time which is usually negated by their gripping subject matter. I have what are probably considered above average lady sized maws so I hate to think how my more daintily fingered sisters must fair. But of course I am far too impatient to wait for a novel I want to come out in standard paper back form.

Does anyone else have this problem or is this a pet peeve peculiar to me?


Oh God, I wish I had stayed to watch the end of the cricket at my beloveds - the divine Stephen Flemming is about to get a century (finally some form!) - currently on 99 - and sounds like NZ has a damn good chance of winning...I am so nervous for them!!!

*goes to curl up in her NZ Cricket Shirt and bite her nails as she listens to the radio - certainly no more reading tonight with this cliff hanger playing out!*

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