Thursday, April 10, 2008

How do you do it?

When we relocated to Hamilton in February this year, I decided I would create a dedicated spot for reading in our new home. It would be the next best thing (as much as budget would allow) to winning lotto and building a house with a library.

Nestled in the corner of our lounge, this is "The Reading Spot."

Item Number 1 - the all important foot stool. I experimented with a bean filled blue cube but I found the rustling noise when I shifted position kinda distracting so settled for this gorgeous pink number (which also has a little curly tail like a pig's on one side) which has a blow up air cushion inside it. I am waiting for the day one of the cat's claws punctures it...

Item Number 2 - reading fuel; a bottle of water and a cup of coffee.

Item Number 3 - the Wheaty Heaty bag. Great for easing any aches and pains that show themselves while you are relaxing in The Reading Spot or for snuggling up with to keep warm in the cooler months.

Item Number 4 - Pillow. Since my finances didn't quite stretch to buying a Lazy Boy chair, sitting my tootsies up on the footstool then nestling my head on a soft feathery pillow is the closest match I could come up with. It takes a certain knack to get yourself completely comfy but once you do...bliss! (Yes, I have been known to fall asleep while in The Reading Spot.)

Item Number 5 - bookshelf #1. Some of my book collection in all their glory for me to admire while reclining in The Reading Spot. You can't see it in this picture unfortunately but the top shelf features my all time favourite books and on top of the bookcase is a lamp for additional light when reading at night.

Item Number 6 - the summer temperature control device - the fan.

Item Number 7 - the winter temperature control device - the open fire...although yet to be tested.

Of course, I do still spend a fair amount of time in my other favourite place to read - bed. I love burrowing down under the duvet (with the electric blanket cranked up in winter), lots of pillows fluffed up around me and a cat (or two or three) purring softly at the bottom of the bed. The only problem with this particular reading spot is that it tends to lead me to indulge in another favourite pass time - afternoon napping, especially as I find that reading naturally makes my eyelids heavier and heavier the more I read.

So, do you have a favourite reading spot and items you like to have around you when you are engrossed in a book?!?


Kate said...

I love it! This is just what I need! A dedicated reading place. I normally sprawl on the couch or lay on the bed to read although it has been known for me to hold a book in one hand while stirring a pot of food in the other while making dinner. I especially love the comfiness and temperature control of the reading place!
And I can't wait till it's cold enough to put the electric blanket on again so I can curl up on the warm bed and read!
Have a good weekend!

Ben said...

Great post Badman.

I think the environment plays a big part in the whole experience, the energy, and the knowledge you can extract from the book you are reading. Its all about creating your zone, and being able to engross yourself.

For me, I need a warm beer handy (or cheap wine if im reading Kerouac), some Coltrane playing, and a slightly on-the-lamb feel to where im reading to get the most out of a book.

Although, to be fair, some of the best reads ive had have been on the top of windy ridges in the bush, sheltered under some rock, waiting for a deer, but enjoying some awesome prose, and thinking good thoughts.

Matt B said...

It looks so very cosy, snugly and convenient! The couch is usually my spot, I'll nestle in with the sun behind me. Like Stanley I enjoy a good brewskie while reading. I have occasionally indlulged while driving in the car too: at the lights, in traffic jams etc. Coffeehouses would be my favourite haunt though.

her said...

oooh, can i copy you for our new place? a reading spot sounds wonderously self-indulgent! :D