Saturday, June 28, 2008

TBR Pile

It's amazing the things which grab you as being entertaining at 8.20pm on a bleak winter's evening.

For instance tonight, I decided to pile my To Be Read (TBR) books up on top of each other and see who was taller, me or them, then photograph the result (which again is interesting because I usually very photo adverse.)

So back and forth I trudged from the bookcase to the best free space of wall in our house with arms laden with books. When the resulting mountain threatened to tumble, I employed the help of my beloved in steadying the edifice, until all 114 books* from the TBR shelves were stacked.

And the results...

  1. Oops!
  2. I need a hair cut.
  3. Putting the mickle of books back in the bookcase was not half as much fun as taking them out.

*this does not include the 3 books purchased from Trade Me which I am awaiting delivery of, nor the 7 new release books I am waiting on for Nexus reviews.


sarah said...

lol, can you say "addiction" ?

I think its time to stop buying and maybe start reading? :P

Heather said...


At least you've got enough to get you through being a student lol.

Café Chick said...

OMG - and I thought I had a lot of reading to catch up on! I guess this will keep you out of trouble for the next year or so. ;-)