Thursday, August 7, 2008

Book Blurbs

When I dream about my ideal job, it usually involves books and writing. Getting paid enough to live comfortably while all day reading and reviewing books would be fabulous!!!...but sadly not terribly realistic.

Or how about being a publisher, getting to read manuscripts before anyone else in the world gets to - how cool would that be?!? Although imagine being the chump that turns down the next big thing. I recently read that Harry Potter was turned down by eight major publishing houses before Bloomsbury took a risk on it...and turned JK Rowling into the highest earning novelest in history.

Maybe that's too much pressure for this girl.

But I think I could quite handle being the person who gets to read a book and then write the little blurb on the back to entice browsers to buy it.

Which brings me to the point of this entry (there is one, I promise!)

This is quite possibly one of the bizarrest plot summaries I have read.

Yet at the same time I am oddly intrigued...and okay I admit it...dying to read this! Which means the blurb writer did exactly what they are meant to.

Tell me what you think:

In Bullock, a proud little town somewhere on the coast, they do things differently. It’s probably something to do with the way their pioneering ancestors survived months at sea by ingesting seed of hemp, a wondrous medicinal herb they’ve grown ever since. And when a local man accidentally cuts off his penis, only to be saved by a selfless transplant offer from his transgender brother, the international media come swarming. Fitz Kennedy, Cub reporter for the Bullock Telegraph, loses his scoop and his heart to Frankie Wilton, the scheming femme fatale sent to cover the story for the London tabloids. His revenge is sweet when he turns her into the heartless assassin Laura Friday, who with her parrot, Pavarotti, feature in his first novel. The book is an overnight success. And that’s when the fun really starts.

Wanna read more? The folks at HarperCollins New Zealand have kindly put up on the web (or not so kindly if you are like me and get instantly hooked followed by instantly frustrated when can't carry on til the end of the book!) a wee extract. Tempt your reading taste buds here.

Meantime, while the author is not a bone fide kiwi (born in London but now living in Greytown) I shall add this to my wish list and in support of the upcoming New Zealand Book Month (September for those of you who don't know), bump it to the top.


Heather said...

I was laughing at how outrageously far fetched the blurb was! It would make me put it back on the shelf if I read that at the local book store! Maybe my reading tastes are more mainstream lol.

Karla said...

omg could this story be any more crazy but I like you am intrigued to say the least.