Monday, August 18, 2008

Top publishers give Rickards' memoirs a miss

The Dominion Post - Thursday, 14 August 2008

Leading publishing houses have turned down the chance to publish the memoirs of former police assistant commissioner Clint Rickards.

Mr Rickards, once considered a possible future commissioner, resigned from police earlier this year in the face of internal disciplinary action. Random House publishing director Nicola Legat said the firm was approached by Mr Rickards but it politely declined. ‘‘As we were (complainant) Louise Nicholas’ publisher, it didn’t seem to be appropriate to also be Mr Rickards’ publisher.’’

Penguin publishing director Geoff Walker said it had communications with Mr Rickards and ‘‘we won’t be publishing the book’’. Harper Collins managing editor Kate Stone said her company had been approached ‘‘but it wasn’t something we wanted to follow up with’’.


I find it astounding that this man has the arrogance to think Kiwi's want to read his life story...or the audacity to approach the same publishing house that released the book written by the woman who accused him of attacking her.

A big thumbs up to the NZ publishing industry for showing this man and his manuscript the door.


Café Chick said...

Well done Penguin, Random House, and Harper Collins! It's bad enough to think we'd want to read about the trashy Lisa Lewis (whose "story", I'm sure, will go straight to The Warehouse's bargain bins where it belongs). But this would have been even worse. Good on them for not giving him airtime he doesn't deserve.

Anonymous said...

Well done New Zealand publishers,shame the state services comission did'nt follow suit.We may have had different criminal justice policies than a system that allows child abusers and rapists sentenced to less and served less imprisonment than drug "offenders" a sick society indeed.............

Karla said...

I agree with you two thumbs up for the NZ publishing industry.