Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Nidal" (Struggle) by Osama bin Laden

Yes, according to internet rumours circulating the last few days, the world's most wanted man , Osama bin Laden, is writing a book.

The origin of the rumours on the book to be titled "Nidal" (Struggle) come from unnamed Pakistani sources who also said the book is being written in Arabic with the help of a younger writer of “Middle Eastern background” who will also translate the book into English.

Bin Laden’s book is said to be a defense of Al Qaeda and a response to ‘negative propaganda and insufficient information’ about the group.

It will also look at “atrocities committed against Muslims by the West and how the Crusaders have harmed world development.” The book is also said to blame the United States for the current crisis in global finance and to offer new information about the 9-11 attacks on the US.

  • Does this mean we can discount once and for all the US propaganda that bin Laden is probably dead?
  • If the book is published, will we ever know if bin Laden is the true author or if it was Al Qaeda keeping the figurehead of their organisation alive and well for their followers by claiming he is the author?
  • Will it be available in bookstores? Will US publishers want it? Will the US public stomach it?
  • What kind of reaction could this have on Muslim/Western World relations?
  • But what has me most curious of all is, would you read it?

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