Saturday, January 31, 2009

Read At Work...

I've just discovered a fantastic website created by the New Zealand Book Council that allows you to read while you are at work!

Check it out:

Extremely clever - wellreadkitty gives this a big two thumbs up for its quirky and genius inventiveness!!

Will you give it a try on these long hot summer days when you would rather be reading than trapped at a desk?

Let me know what you think :-)


Heather said...

That's such a good idea, love how they've given it a normal computer interface!

What do you think about those electronic reading devices that are gaining popularity at the moment? Ryan is considering buying one and was really impressed by how the screen 'looks like paper'. It would probably be quite good for someone like him who ruins books while reading them/expects wife to go pick him books from the shops. Me personally, I feel a sense of comfort from picking up a REAL book from my bedside drawers so I doubt I would use it too much.

unplainJane said...

Brilliant! I love it!

CathM said...

Kelly... I'd love to join your other blog and read some of your work. Would this be possible? Thank you.