Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Bain Book on the way

It's the case that has gripped New Zealand like no other - the retrial of David Bain for the murder of his parents and siblings in their Dunedin home in 1994. Whether you think Bain was innocent or guilty (and this excellent opinion piece from Christchurch Press journalist Martin Van Beynen is compelling reading on the trial), there is no doubt his aquital is thanks to the passion and dedication of former All Black and Bain campaigner Joe Karam.

Now Karam is to pen a third book around this family slaughter tragedy, this time about the David Bain retrial.

It is understood the book will provide commentary on Mr Bain’s recent acquittal and the aftermath of the trial. The book – which has yet to be titled – will be published by Harper Collins.

Harper Collins Managing director Tony Fisk said the events following the Bain murders had been a seminal event in the history of New Zealand’s judicial system. The significance of the Bain case was destined to be discussed and debated for many years, Mr Fisk said.

"This will be a very important book and we are excited and privileged to be involved in its publication."

The book will be published in September.

Have you read the previous two Joe Karam books on the Bain family murders? Did reading them influence how you feel about the case? Do you think the jury got the verdict right? Will you read this latest book? Would you read a book Bain himself wrote, as rumours suggest might also be on the cards?

Let me know your thoughts....

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