Sunday, July 12, 2009

Montana book winner mistakenly announced

Next Magazine has committed a most almighty faux pas: their August issue, in print now announces the winner of the fiction section of the Montana New Zealand Book Awards - before the judges have even made their decision!

The magazine published who it believed had won the fiction category in the August edition of its magazine.

Booksellers NZ chief executive Lincoln Gould said the magazine has advised Booksellers NZ they have done this in error, that they do not know who has won the awards.

Next explained they became confused in an article which also discussed this year's winner of the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards.

"The Next article was written before judges had even decided who the winners were," Mr Gould said, "any suggestion as to the winner of Montana New Zealand Book Award categories at this stage is purely speculative - guess work."

The actual winner of the award will be announced at a ceremony at the Auckland Museum on July 27.

Quite the embarrassing stuff for Next magazine!!!

I'm really looking forward to this year's Montana New Zealand Book Awards and think there are two very strong contenders in particular, these being "Novel About My Wife" by Emily Perkins and the title I suspect Next had has winner, the marvellously heart-warming "The 10pm Question" by Kate De Goldi.

Has anyone seen the August edition of Next to confirm my suspicions? My curiosity has got the better of me to the point that I think I will drag my cold-ridden self on a mission to track it down...and stock up on aloe vera tissues and lemon drinks while I am at it!

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Kelly said...

As you can see I did leave my sick bed and track down the offending issue of Next magazine in my local supermarket. Aside from the error, the article with Kate De Goldi is a great read!