Sunday, July 5, 2009

Transformers meets A Million Little Pieces

Remember all that drama with Oprah and James Frey, the author who shot to super stardom with his memoir-that-wasn't "A Million Little Pieces" after it featured on her book club?

It seems the controversy over the fabrication hasn't hurt his career at all, with Transformers director Michael Bay and DreamWorks recently purchasing the rights for Frey's newest sci-fi adventure, 'I Am Number 4'.

The book is the first of six James has planned for this new young adult series which he is co-authoring with debut novelist Jobie Hughes.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying the movie deal will have earned the pair "high six figure" paychecks.

The book's storyline involves alien teens assimilating into an Earth high school after their home planet is destroyed by an enemy species. And wouldn't you just know, the bad aliens track the good E.T.s right back here to terra firma.

It is alleged Frey submitted the completed manuscript to publishers anonymously.

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