Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Zealand's own library moggie

First there was Dewey Readmore Books, the ginger kitty who stole the hearts of library patrons in Spencer, Iowa. Now here in New Zealand there is Del, a grey striped moggie who has taken up residence in a Christchurch library.

The male cat was found in the nearby Farmers car park on Wednesday and taken in by Central Library staff.

"He was very distressed and hungry, so may have been there for a day or two," said Carolyn Robertson, of Christchurch City Libraries.

While the library staff searched for the owner Del has been spending his time lazing around in the information technology room, making himself quite at home. (I'm guessing the warmest spot in the library - smart kitty!)

After a visit to the vet on Wednesday, staff brought Del back to the library where staff said he was enjoying himself.

"He's obviously a very well-loved cat as he's very affectionate and very friendly," Robertson said.

However, library staff wanted to return the cat to its owner. "We know that there's an owner out there who will be missing him desperately," Robertson said.

Christchurch libraries have had many cats-in-residence.

George lived at the old Canterbury Public Library on Cambridge Tce from 1963 until his death in 1976, while in the 1990s, the Shirley Library adopted a cat called Pete which lived in the library before retiring to a librarian's home. Other library cats included Malvina at the Hornby Library in the 1970s and Boysie at Library Outreach Services.

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