Friday, April 30, 2010

Elizabeth Berkley to write teen self esteem book

Elizabeth Berkley.

Remember her?

Don't worry I didn't either until I googled her. Her biggest claims to fame are playing Jessie in the early 90s high school show "Saved By The Bell" and starring in the smutty stripper movie "Showgirls" a few years later.

So it is with some surprise I note the now 38-year-old Berkley is to pen a self-esteem handbook for teen girls. The book, entitled 'Ask Elizabeth,' will be based on questions the actress has been asked over the years. The book ties in with an as yet un-aired MTV reality series and teen self-help programme, both of the same name, created by Berkley.

While I am all for empowerment of teenagers and realise this is a difficult time for many, I can't help but wonder (in my best Carrie Bradshaw musing tone); would today's teen girls really want to take advice from a once-was-famous-but-now-is-very-much-not celebrity?

"Ask Elizabeth" is due out in the North American spring.

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