Monday, June 7, 2010

Marian Keyes writes to her fans

Good news for all Marian Keyes fans.

The queen of chick lit has written on her website for the first time in months, after being "laid low with crippling depression."

In the lengthy message to her fans, Marian writes extremely candidly about her mental health struggles, the blackness she has felt and her numerous attempts at help - all while maintaining her usual quirky, humorous turns of phrase, despite the often bleak subject matter.

However, a new novel is still a long way off as Marian is still unable to write. In fact, she says the website message is her first real writing in eight months.

You can read the full entry here.

Again, I send my bestest, warmest, healthiest wishes to Marian. Depression is an insidious and devastating illness, one I sadly know about first hand. I applaud her candour in discussing it with her fans and hope others may take heart from her battle and hopeful recovery.

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Café Chick said...

What an incredibly brave, powerful, and detailed description Marian Keyes has given of her experience with depression. It sounds truly horrific for her and, sadly, also quite familiar. Here's hoping that others reading her blog and needing help or support of their own will find somethings to grasp onto from what she has written.