Friday, July 16, 2010

Blood for books?

From the seriously weird files, comes this story from The Wall Street Journal.

A luxury book manufacturer has mixed a pint of cricketing superstar Sachin Tendulkar's blood with paper pulp to create a limited edition book about the player nicknamed "the little maestro."

Publishers Kraken Pus said the books, limited to a print run of just 10, are priced at US$75,000 each and have already sold out.

More than a little twisted huh? No word on how much Mr Tendulkar was paid for his pint of blood nor what he thought of the venture

However, it seems this kind of weird and wacky novelty book with a high ticket price is not a one off.

The Wall Street Journal says Kraken Opus is one of a handful of high-end publishing houses that are pushing the boundaries of extravagance and novelty in the luxury book market. Such books are being treated as investments and sometimes commanding prices usually reserved for original art works.

Other examples, either published or in the pipeline, include:

  • A photography book on the lunar landings sold with pieces of the moon - 12 copies were made with one selling for US$112,500
  • An 800 page book on Muhammad Ali complete with four signed photos of the boxer and a sculpture by Jeff Koons – asking price US$7,500
  • A book on Ferraris featuring rare images of Enzo Ferrari’s villa and action inside F1 racing pits plus the signatures of all living Ferrari champion drivers – just 399 copies will be made with an asking price of US$40,000
  • A limited edition, 754 page book on installation artists Christo and his late wife Jeanne-Claude complete with 1965 lithograph and an original sketch – yours for just US$50,000

Do any of these tomes tickle your fancy? If money was no object, do you think one of these or their ilk would adorn your book case?

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