Monday, January 17, 2011

Birthday Best Sellers

Ever wondered what was top of the literary pops when you were born?

Wonder no more my friends, thanks to this awesome little site which tells you the New York Times best sellers for the week you were born:

I was really surprised to find amongst mine from 29 years ago (gulp, yes I know I'm staggeringly close to 30) some names that are still uber popular today - in fiction, romance matriarch Danielle Steele, horror legend Stephen King, acclaimed Australian author Colleen McCullough and great American novelist and poet John Updike.

High up on my non fiction titles, I was delighted to see The Lord God Made Them All by James Herriot - I remember when I was around 10 or 11 years old discovering we had two copies of this book on our shelf and wondering why (I still don't know the answer) and thinking it must be really good to warrant this: we weren't a family of book buyers (oh how I have changed that!).

I can still vividly recall how much I instantly loved this book and couldn't believe it had been sitting there (x2!) for all this time when I could have been devouring it. I loved the simpler, sweeter time the James Herriot books were set in, the amusing/touching/heartwarming/heartbreaking anecdotes, the colourful cast of characters (my first literary crush was on Tristan!) and of course, the gorgeous Yorkshire setting. I even harboured dreams of being a vet myself for a while there, such was the important place these books occupied in my literary heart.

So click on that link and find out who the literary powerhouses were on your birth date and leave me a message with your most interesting authors. I can't wait to see the comments!

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