Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And we're off! (My reading year that is)

Despite a heavy head cold (in summer!) doing its darndest to render me miserable and incapable of lifting my head off the pillow for more than ten minutes at a time, I have finished my first book of 2012!

It was When She Woke by Hillary Jordan - a futuristic retelling of The Scarlett Letter.  

The premise completely grabbed me when I spotted it in the tree-book shops before New Years and I rushed home to buy it - on ebook...

Which has actually got me thinking and counting and realising: the last seven books I've read have all been ebooks.  I am loving the format more and more: I should really write that post about why I made the move to digital that I've been threatening for awhile huh?

But for now, the realisation above is enough to prod me to go and look at my (dusty, forlorn) treebooks waiting to be read bookcase and liberate something from it!

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Kay said...

I have treebooks waiting to be read, buried under piles of clothes and magazines and stuff. E-books aren't better but they're easier to locate :-)