Friday, July 27, 2012

The world's coolest playhouses?!?

JK Rowling wants to build two playhouses for her little muggles in the back yard of her mansion.

But these are not your ordinary Wendy Houses.  These are Hogwarts style AWESOMENESS.

Each will be built on wooden stilts and stand two stories high, be linked by a rope bridge and a (now not so) secret tunnel, and will cost £150,000 to create. Also included are lanterns above the doors, balconies and carvings.

In addition "David's House" would have a fireman's pole outside plus a basket and pulley system.  The other mini castle, "Kenzie's House" will feature a spiral staircase and a trapdoor with rope ladder.

Check out more of an artist's interpretations of the proposed playhouses submitted to Edinburgh City Council here.

Am I the only one thinking stuff the kids, I want to live in one?! Who wants to join me in the other?

And yes, yes I totally get that JK Rowling's personal life should be her own and this is kinda an invasion of privacy (that may or may not come with the territory of being the author of one of the world's most successful book series for children) but also, they are just too mind bogglingly cool not to share (and drool over). 

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