Monday, January 7, 2013

Wot I read: How To Be A Good Wife (a mini review)

I think there's something wrong with me.

I just finished How To Be A Good Wife by Emma J Chapman (read the plot summary here) today which reviewers have been falling over themselves to slather with praise and I was...well, a little disappointed. I kept waiting for a big twist at the end or at least some clarity but there was neither. I think it's one of those endings you're supposed to be left purposely dangling so as to keep you thinking about the characters and I personally have always hated those kind of books. Give me firm resolutions I say!

I also got a little frustrated with the main character Marta, that she didn't come right out and bluntly state her fears to her son, instead easily allowing herself to be moved away from the topic (and go to bed!). I guess years of forced submission will do that to you but oh how I wish she could find the strength she needed to be heard! I guess (semi spoiler alert) she ends up finding that strength in another way...

But the suspense, especially at the beginning of the novel is excellent. Gripping and intense and as someone who doesn't often read books in this genre, damn freaky for me too.  And I LOVED the snippets of good wifely advice that give the novel it's name - so quaintly antiquated now as to be truly comical. (I was given something similar on a tea towel for a wedding present :P).

But yeah, mostly still wanting that firm resolution :P


The astute of you will note this isn't my usual first post for January - rather I normally do a wrap up of fav books from the year just been and other wee highlights. It's coming, I promise!

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