Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No Turning Back - My Journey - Joanne Lees

Title: No Turning Back - My Journey
Author: Joanne Lees
Publisher: Hachette Australia

The title of this book, "No Turning Back - My Journey" sums up this book perfectly. It is Joanne Lees very personal, gritty and determined account of her attempted abduction and rape and the murder of her partner Peter Falconio in the Australian outback in 2001 which captured global media attention and changed her life forever.

Joanne takes us through the events of her life building up to, during and after the vicious unprovoked attack and spares no detail, laying out in her own words her love for Pete, her much regretted brief affair with another man while in Sydney much maligned by the press, the horror of the attack itself and its catastrophic effect on her, the police investigation and her treatment by the often bumbling, insensitive, her trial by a media that doubted her story and accused her of "not acting as a victim should" and the court case of Bradley John Murdoch, the man found guilty of the crimes committed on a lonely stretch of highway in the Northern Territory.

It is a refreshingly honest account from a brave and determined woman, dealing with something most people could never comprehend. She admits her own flaws as well as her strengths as she attempts to set the record straight after years of media misrepresentation. It may take years (if ever) for her to undo some of this damage but her book goes a long way towards showing a softer, more likable side to this misunderstood woman.

Given the very grueling subject matter, it may sound odd to say I thoroughly enjoyed No Turning Back - My Journey by Joanne Lees. It was refreshingly honest and powerful novel of one woman's courage to overcome the demons of a brutal attack in the middle of nowhere that took the life of her lover and left her fighting for justice for his killer.

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