Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Twelve Sharp

Ahhh, my first published review - the sweet sweet memories.....

Twelve Sharp
Author: Janet Evanovich
Publisher: Headline

Bridget Jones meets Sherlock Holmes in Janet Evanovich’s latest action packed novel featuring the sassy and smart Bounty Hunter Stephanie Plum.

Set on the streets of New Jersey, book number twelve in the series sees Stephanie, along with chasing an eclectic mix of oddball characters that have missed their day in court, play human bait to lure a deranged killer who has assumed the identity of her now missing friend and part time love interest, the dark and brooding Ranger. Throw in the abduction of Ranger’s young daughter and the obligatory unresolved love triangle and you have a sure fire page turner that will keep you hooked to the somewhat predictable, though thoroughly enjoyable climax.

What saves this however from being just another forgettable Chick Lit novel is the feisty and fresh humour that is liberally sprinkled through-out; from the self deprecating wit of our hero Stephanie, to the hilarious war of words that fly between her two sparring lovers or the viciously barbed quips from Joyce, the Bounty Hunting Office’s newest recruit.

Full of warmth, wit and off the wall antics, fans both old and new will love this wild and wicked latest offering…and look forward to the next.

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