Sunday, September 21, 2008

Done and dusted...again!

Eagle eyed readers of my blog (I know you are out there...somewhere!) will have spotted a small milestone click over here at wellreadkitty during the last week; I have cracked the 52 books in 52 weeks goal I set myself at the beginning of the year!

And with 14 weeks to spare - 5 weeks earlier than last year no less.

I am pretty proud of that, especially given that I have returned to tertiary study this year and thought all reading for pleasure would be out.

That said, my reading has taken something of a hiatus in the last week. I went home to the Manawatu for a holiday at my parents and while I took 5 books with me with the intention of blobbing out all week and reading, I managed to wade through a measly one and a half. I was having far too much fun hanging out (read: being spoilt rotten) with my mum, my family and my friends to spend much time with my nose in a book.

Having made it home last night, I am now suffering a horrendous dose of bus-lag (tired, headachey, sore eyes, squiffy tum, and an overriding sense of blahness) so my planned day of reading, relaxing and resting before kicking off on three weeks of journalism internship tomorrow hasn't materialised either.

Meanwhile, the To Be Read pile continued to grow while I was away, much to my boyfriend's disgust. Two parcels of review books arriving from the lovely folk at Allen and Unwin and even though I had placed the requests for the books, it is always a thrill to open the package and admire the lovely books inside and knowing I have many hours of enjoyment (hopefully) ahead.


Heather said...


I cant say I noticed, coz the count thing is down too far for me to see it when reading the latest entry...but still, that's an amazing milestone! Well done!!!

Café Chick said...

Congratulations on your achievement! I must admit that, due to work stresses etc, I'm struggling to finish one book per month, but am determined to plod onwards. My 'to be read' pile has also grown, but is nowhere near as big as yours. Great to see you've read 52 books and with time to spare!

Random Thoughts said...

Wow! That sure is an accomplishment. If you were to count easy reader books (aka books for very young children) I have read that many. Books for my own enjoyment. I don't think I could reach 25 books in 52 weeks. Congrats on reaching your goal!