Sunday, July 19, 2009

A quick word with Jeff Lindsay

"When one of my early reviews said "Jeff Lindsay is revitalising the genre" it shocked the hell out of me, I was not aware it was a genre. It's certainly not anything I read. I like historical fiction. But there is too much research for a lazy bastard like me."

- Jeff Lindsay

I'm a huge fan of the lovable serial killer Dexter books. Weird but true, the savage softie holds a huge place in my literary heart despite these novels are nothing like my usual reading fair.

So it was with a "SQUEEEE!!!" of excitement that I read this awesome little interview with his creator Jeff Lindsay on the NZ Herald website and a double "SQUEEEE!!!" I read that number five in the series is already underway!!!

I've never watched the telly series though - has anyone else? Have you read the books as well and how do the two compare?


Theresa said...

I *have* seen the TV series, but haven't read the books....yet. The tv show was pretty darn good, but I love the actor who plays Dexter. He used to be on Six Feet Under which was a GREAT show as well. Anyway, tv show was intense, but I'm sure not as intense as the books (they never are, are they?). I would recommend a watch.

Harfish said...

The TV series is absolutely fantastic but after season 1 bears no resemblance to the books at all. Seasons 2 & 3 (with 4 starting in September) are based on entirely new story lines, but are a wonderful compliment to the books.

Also season 1, while based on the first book, does change the ending quite considerably.

Maggie May said...

the series is brilliant! and six feet under- one of the best written shows ever.

cath said...

The TV series was amazing!