Monday, March 21, 2011

Hoorah! A new wellreadkitty post (in which I admit to listening to The Rock)

Since moving to our #ruralparadise last November, my boyfriend and I carpool to work. Somehow, against my better judgement, I seem to have relinquished control of the radio on our morning commute. Okay so truthfully, I am usually still half asleep and am still trying to register it is morning much less what we are listening to. Consequently the dial goes to The Rock. Yes, that great bastion of the airwaves that has such classy competitions as "Win a Ukrainian mail order bride!" or "Win a Boob Job." *roll eyes*

So I literally did the open-mouth-like-a-stunned-mullet look this morning when their guest was... wait for it ... Lord Jeffrey Archer.

He's in New Zealand promoting his latest, sure to be a best seller book "Only Time Will Tell" and helping raise funds for earthquake ravaged Christchurch. The 71 year old dropped in to talk to Paul, Leah, Bryce and Roger and was urbane, warm and well, outright witty - which rather surprised me given this rather sharp piece from the fierce, pull no punches journalist Michelle Hewitson in the New Zealand Herald.

What's more, I think given his obviously relaxed, give as good as he got banter he might actually have won himself a few new fans if the following true conversation I had with my (non-reading) beloved is any indication:

Boyfriend: Heh, he's quite funny. Do you have any of his books?
Me: Honey, YOU have one of his books.
Boyfriend: I do?
Me: Yes. Your mum** gave it to you last Christmas. I read it for you.
Boyfriend: Oh. Was it any good?
Me: Yes. You should read it.
Boyfriend: Um.... nah, too many words.

Well maybe not.

If you want to listen to Lord Jeffrey Archer with The Morning Rumble, click here.

**who gives him a book every Christmas in a (hopeful?misguided?) attempt to get him to read (he's 31, I think it's a lost cause)

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Anonymous said...

Haha love your convo with your bf. Priceless!