Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dedication Page by Jo Emeney

So during my bloggy hiatus something quite momentous happened in my life: I got engaged!

Of course this means lots of reading of wedding books/magazines/websites for inspiration or in my case, lots of shock at the outrageous amounts of money spent on just one (albeit special) day - you could buy thousands upon thousands of books with the budgets of some nuptials.

But in my searches I have stumbled upon a most beautiful poem that I would love to have read at my wedding, whenever that may be.  It may take some convincing of my beloved though - he's not a reader at all, nor much into poetry.  But hopefully when he hears it he will be moved by its gorgeous bookie charm.

Dedication Page
by Jo Emeney

Let us be books together
you and I.
Let us closely lie
stacked two-tiered,

backs touching,
spine-edges spooning,

soft cloth-bound
and gilt-edged

on some antique
pleasantly dusty ledge.

Let us read each other
without having to look

at the words.
Let our time be spent

between the lines –
open content exposed,

inhaling our life's promise
like new-cut pages' scent.

Let us be prequel and sequel,
equal to the story we tell today:

our once upon a time.
Our wedding day.

Let us vow to stay
companion volumes



Katie said...

Such a lovely poem :-)

Rappy said...

Congratulations on your engagement! And I agree, a lovely poem.