Saturday, December 3, 2011


Love em or hate em, they are everywhere right now. Yup ereaders.  Kindle, Kobo, Sony, tablet - so many options and so many differing points of view...and some really interesting statistics coming out about them.

For example, a survey in the US has shown "as much as 32% of ereader users read from 11 to 20 books a year – twice as much as readers of traditional books."

Isn't that awesome?  I mean who cares HOW people reading, just as long as they ARE reading.  As bookies we all know the amazing benefits of reading - increased knowledge, vocabulary and written ability, reduction of stress levels, and improved memory.  If more people are doing it and experiencing the positives, then isn't that the most important thing?

And ebook sellers will be heartened by the survey as well: ebook readers tend to buy more books per year than "traditional" book buyers.  So ebooks are good for the economy too, which needs all the help it can get in these very troubling financial times.  (Okay, that might be stretching it a bit :P)

Here's a graphic of some of the survey results for you to mull over.  Meanwhile, I'm off to read on my *gasp!* ereader.  Yes I joined "the dark side."  I'll tell you all about my conversion next week.

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catatonia said...

*claps hands* You gots an eReader! SQUEE! I haven't yet bought one but OH I covet them like nobody's business :P

I absolutely heart your post. Like you I don't care *how* people read. The fact that they do is reason enough for celebration. I read just as many physical books still as I listen to eAudiobooks/read eBooks. For me, it's about having more choice.

Can't wait to read your 'conversion' post :)