Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More celebs attempt to be authors...

It's a trifecta of celebrities making publishing houses wring their hangs together in revenue-gathering glee and book lovers shaking their heads in bewilderment.

First up is former playboy girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson, following in the footsteps of former housemate Izabella St James who wrote Bunny Tales: My life at the Playboy Mansion. Who? I hear you ask. Exactly. And her book is equally uninteresting nonsense - I know because I had the misfortune to read it, thinking it would spill juicy gossip about Playboy life that for some reason I thought I wanted to know. It didn't. But if you don't believe me, here's the first 40-odd pages.)

Anyway...Kendra, who dated the Playboy lethario for four years is writing a memoir and plans to reveal details of her life at the mansion. (Isn't that what the tv show Girls Next Door was for?)

The one-time glamour model who is expecting her first child with new husband Hank Baskett also described her untitled manuscript, due out next summer, as a "humorous, relatable, fish-out-of-water tale".

"I feel like the luckiest girl in the world," Wilkinson said in a statement released by her publisher Simon Spotlight Entertainment. "I have a husband I adore, a baby on the way, and now my memoir is going to be published!"

The second celeb penning a memoir is Good Charlotte star Joel Madden. The band's singer, who is currently expecting his second child with partner Nicole Richie, told People that he was "lightly working" on a literary project.

"I don't want to put a book out there if it's not actually meaningful. I'm not going to go there unless I can deliver," he explained. It would be about my life. It would be about, mostly, the big changes in my life, kids, relationships, moving to LA... the big life changes that I've gone through. If I put a book out, I want it to be something that matters to me. It has to be real, you can't just put a book out, to put a book out. I want every page to mean something."

There is no word whether Madden has a agent or publishing contract as yet.

And lastly Jennifer Love Hewitt, who last month revealed she is working on a dating book, has also been busy penning a 10 part series of comic books. "Jennifer Love Hewitt's The Music Box," will hit stores in November and is about a possessed music box and the strange things that happen to those who come in contact with it.

The "Ghost Whisperer" star describes the series as a "horror/thriller," and said that creating the comic has been "like a very fun nightmare come true."

"I've always been fascinated by the notion that an inanimate object can hold as much malevolent energy as a human being can," said the 30-year-old actress, "and when the two meet, or are at cross purposes, very bad things can happen."

Hewitt recommends the "Music Box" as "lights on" reading.

Any of these sound like your cup of tea?


Heather said...

I read Kendra's blog online, and she has her own tv show. She was my least favourite of the playmates in the telly show though, and I wouldnt buy her book. I might read it if it was free?

Krissi said...

Maybe, if I can't find anything else to read.