Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sara Donati/Rosina Lippi on enforced writing hiatus

Rosina Lippi, as well as being an emotive and absorbing writer of historical and contemporary fiction, was one of the first authors I discovered who was using the internet to actively engage with her readers. Her blog was a stimulating and interesting place to visit with posts about the writing process, her life, her books and her childhood. Oh and some lovely giveaways too - one of which I was the lucky recipient of and the signed copy of "Tied to the Tracks" I won is off limits for anyone wanting to borrow it. I guard it like a tigeress.

So you can imagine why I thought it was odd no blog entries had popped up in my RSS feeds lately and all became clear when I read the following message posted on her website:

"If you were looking for my weblog (called Storytelling), or following a link to a particular post on the weblog, you have landed here because the weblog is not available. The economic downturn and family circumstances being what they are, I find myself in a position I knew might well come some day -- I'm going back on the job market, looking for more traditional employment. This means that I will be putting writing aside for the foreseeable future, and so I've taken down the weblog, for the time being at least. Many of you have followed the weblog for six years, and I'd like to thank you for your continued interest and support. For newer readers, I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to get to know you better."

I'm in no doubt we have not heard the end of Ms Lippi but I am a very sad kitty indeed to know there is nothing more in the works after the January 2010 release of "The Endless Forest," the final instalment in the "Into the Wilderness" series.

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